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Legal Documents

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Certificate

Establishment of the Harris County - Houston Sports Authority

 House Bill 92 - Sports and Community Venues.pdf

 HCHSA Concurrent Orders - City and County - 1997.pdf

Chapter 176 - Texas Local Government Code Reports:

None reported during 2017 to date.  This section is updated as filings are made.

Baseball Documents:

 License Agreement.pdf

 Major League Baseball Houston Astros.pdf

 Non-Relocation Agreement.pdf

 Stadium Lease Agreement.pdf

 Project Agreement.pdf

Joint Football/Rodeo Documents:

 Additional Parking and Practice Facilities Land.pdf

 Audio Visual Production Support Agreement.pdf

 First Amendment to Second Amended and Restated Lease Agreement.pdf

 Letter Agreement - New Harris County-Houston Stadium Development.pdf

 Project Agreement.pdf

 Stadium Tri Party Agreement.pdf

Football Documents:

 Memorandum of Lease.pdf

 NFL Club License Agreement.pdf

 NFL Club Recognition Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement.pdf

 NFL Club Stadium Lease Agreement.pdf

 Non-Relocation Agreement.pdf

Rodeo Documents:

 HLSR 2001 Amendment to Lease.pdf

 HLSR License Agreement.pdf

 HLSR Recognition Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement.pdf

 HLSR Stadium Lease Agreement.pdf

 Memorandum of Amendment.pdf

 Memorandum of Lease.pdf

Basketball Documents:

 Multi-Purpose Arena Letter of Agreement.pdf

 Toyota Center - Arena Lease.pdf

Soccer Documents:

Interlocal Agreement.pdf 

Ground Lease.pdf