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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of citizens of Houston and Harris County to include business owners, entrepreneurs and attorneys, as well as religious and community leaders.  Each is selected by Harris County Commissioners Court or Houston City Council.  The Chairman of the Board is jointly selected by those bodies.  This ensures that the taxpayers are represented while overseeing the investment in Houston’s major sports arenas.  All board members are volunteers without political agenda.  Their mission is to provide citizens of Houston and Harris County state-of-the-art sports facilities, enable the destination to bring in revenues by attracting major sporting, entertainment and convention events that, in turn, benefit the local and regional economy.

A directory of the current Harris County – Houston Sports Authority Board Members follows:


Board Member Title Appointment Information
J. Kent Friedman

Chairman of the Board

City and County Position 00

Originally selected 8/31/2003

Term expires 8/31/2017

Cindy Clifford Director

City Position 1

Originally selected 10/05/2016

Term expires 8/31/2018
Ron Franklin Director

City Position 2

Originally selected 10/05/16

Team expires 8/31/2018
Willie J. Alexander Director

City Position 3

Originally selected 10/05/16

Term expires 8/31/2018
Matthew Rogers, Jr. Director

City Position 4

Originally selected 9/21/2011

Term expires 8/31/2017
Dr. Laura Murillo Director

City Position 5

Originally appointed 12/16/15

Term expires 8/31/17

Tom Sprague Director

County Position 6

Originally selected 12/9/2008

Term expires 8/31/2018
Lawrence R. Catuzzi Vice Chairman

County Position 7

Originally selected 9/8/1998

Term expires 8/31/2018
Manson B. Johnson II Director

County Position 8

Originally selected 9/1/2000

Term expires 8/31/2018
Jess Fields Secretary/Treasurer

County Position 9

Originally selected 4/17/2007

Term expires 8/31/2017
Bruce D. Oakley Director

County Position 10

Originally selected 9/23/14

Term expires 8/31/17

Robert Woods Director

City Position 11

Originally selected 12/16/2015

Term expires 8/31/2017

Joseph Alan Callier Director

County Position 12

Originally selected 8/27/2013

Term expires 8/31/2017