The Last Day to Register for the 2017 World Corporate Games is October 27! 



2017 Miracle League All Star Game

    The Miracle League Association, established in 2001, has grown to over 300 organizations ...
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Veteran's Month Kick-Off Picnic

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Harris County - Houston Sports Authority Celebrates 20 years

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Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Harris County - Houston Sports Authority Establishes Foundation for Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts 501c3 Sports ...

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Legal Documents

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Certificate

Establishment of the Harris County - Houston Sports Authority

 House Bill 92 - Sports and Community Venues.pdf

 HCHSA Concurrent Orders - City and County - 1997.pdf

Chapter 176 - Texas Local Government Code Reports:

None reported during 2017 to date.  This section is updated as filings are made.

Baseball Documents:

 License Agreement.pdf

 Major League Baseball Houston Astros.pdf

 Non-Relocation Agreement.pdf

 Stadium Lease Agreement.pdf

 Project Agreement.pdf

Joint Football/Rodeo Documents:

 Additional Parking and Practice Facilities Land.pdf

 Audio Visual Production Support Agreement.pdf

 First Amendment to Second Amended and Restated Lease Agreement.pdf

 Letter Agreement - New Harris County-Houston Stadium Development.pdf

 Project Agreement.pdf

 Stadium Tri Party Agreement.pdf

Football Documents:

 Memorandum of Lease.pdf

 NFL Club License Agreement.pdf

 NFL Club Recognition Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement.pdf

 NFL Club Stadium Lease Agreement.pdf

 Non-Relocation Agreement.pdf

Rodeo Documents:

 HLSR 2001 Amendment to Lease.pdf

 HLSR License Agreement.pdf

 HLSR Recognition Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement.pdf

 HLSR Stadium Lease Agreement.pdf

 Memorandum of Amendment.pdf

 Memorandum of Lease.pdf

Basketball Documents:

 Multi-Purpose Arena Letter of Agreement.pdf

 Toyota Center - Arena Lease.pdf

Soccer Documents:

Interlocal Agreement.pdf 

Ground Lease.pdf